We make your vision come true

Join Ohubb and one of the best home service platform, as we cultivate a community and personalise the interaction between customers and service sellers. We are a small business solution marketplace for individuals eager to make extra money.

We welcome you to work with us as we create a cost-effective channel for reaching an entirely new customer base.

We work with individuals and businesses to offer home services. There is no simple definition on the type of services you can offer from cleaning, mowing to cooking and lessons. We aim to be the one place and the one company where customers can join for a safe and convenient booking experience.

Work anywhere, anytime with no limits

Be your own boss. Work where you want. How you want. When you want. Because we want to help you build greater online presence risk free.

Quality Leads and Upfront Payments

We value your time, which means, we’re about bringing quality leads as customers pay upfront. This allows us to filter through quality prospective customers, ensuring that your time, efforts and hard work aren’t wasted amongst cold leads.

Added Income and Risk Free

We are completely risk free! That means, we only charge you a small %  for every transaction you make.

What is Ohubb?

Ohubb is an online platform and lead generation tool, connecting customers in need of home services with sellers, to streamline the booking process.

Whether you’re an individual or business, if you have an ABN, you’ll be able to work completely online through our platform, without the need to set up a storefront.

This means, you no longer need to work the 9-5, because we’re about catering for your needs by providing flexibility & greater time on your hands without compromising your income.

Reduced Costs

You no longer need to set up a store-front. Reduces your capital costs significantly, enabling you or your organisation to be more dynamic, with greater flexibility and an ability to operate 24/7 from any location.

Scale up

Scale your business to access greater market share, by operating across different suburbs, all from the comfort of your own home or office. We provide you access to a large network of potential customer leads enabling you to expand your revenue streams.

Professional Profile

Showcase your expertise, experience and credentials through your Ohubb profile. By building that trust and credibility, you’ll have customers coming right to you.

Our Why

Our why stems from the need to level the plane-field for small to medium sized service providers, by empowering individuals to become completely autonomous in accessing quality leads online and regain work life balance to work without limits.

Our Vision

Our vision is to mobilise and increase the sustainability of the home service industry online.

How it works?

Step 1. Post a deal

Post a deal to let customers know what you have to offer. It can be simple service for an hour, to complex tasks over days.

Step 2. Secure Deal

Once a customer buys one of your deals, we’ll notify you through the platform where you can check the details on the order.

Step 3. Carry out

You can then message the customer through the platform, and retrieve all relevant details to provide the service.

Join the Ohubb family